When Oprah Winfrey Read Gene’s First Novel…

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July 4, 2028 – Geneva, Switzerland

In 2017, 11 years ago, we warned…

What is The Drammen Code About?
Why Should Every American Read It Before It’s Too Late?

What is stunning is that except for minor details, the novel was written long before current political events. It was published on Inaugural Day, 1.20.17.  It reads like real life, but pray that it’s fiction.

For nearly twenty years, as early as a decade after the collapse of the old Soviet Union, we knew ‘The Plan’ embodied in ‘The Drammen Code’ was coming, and did nothing to stop it.

Nearly a year into the administration of President David Brandon, the brash, controversial business tycoon, there are those within the hierarchy of our key national security agencies, and those of allies, who feel compelled to withhold super-sensitive intelligence details from the world’s most powerful man.

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The Drammen Code:

  • A failed* CIA Mission
  • A coverup
  • A scapegoat
  • A traitor protected
  • CIA political embeds
  • Warnings disregarded
  • A Russian Nobel Scientist assassinated at JFK Airport
  • The CIA marks its own for murder, on U.S. soil
  • A president who cannot be trusted by America or her allies
  • Sudden unexplained public deaths in a major U.S. city.
  • Fugitive Agent Sean Ryan hides in plain sight, for nearly 20 years